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Elias Abdallah & Family - Founder

Go Journey Tours is a non-profit organization registered as Worldwide Educational Tours Inc. We give back a portion of every tour to the “Wounded Warrior Project” and to “Foursquare Missions International”. In giving back we honor our brave military personnel that place their lives in harms way and our Foursquare Missionaries that are just as brave to take the gospel around the world.

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Our founder, Elias Abdallah, was born in Jerusalem, Israel and has been a credentialed Foursquare Pastor for 25 years. He and his team have been organizing trips for over 12 years and have led thousands of passengers through

the Holy Land.  We organize and lead Educational Tours around the world.


During your visit in Israel you will have an opportunity to bring a few items that you can personally give to refugee families. Most children and families can benefit from; hygiene products, school supplies and toys.  


Operation Christmas in Bethlehem happens every year in December.  A small team of volunteers go to Israel and host a special dinner and give gifts to children.  Our founder Elias Abdallah shares a message of hope about Jesus in his native tongue. 

To be a part of this special event, please email us.

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